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Professional Testimonials

I have been a practicing dentist since 1993, and Knotty Floss has a revolutionary design to improve the efficacy of flossing.  Every person should own a pack!  My practice has an emphasis on whole body health and this floss is non toxic and has a fresh minty taste that is all natural.  I really love this floss.

Patricia Nicklas, D.D.S.

“Knotty Floss” has positive clinical indications for patients in their oral hygiene regimen. The consistent overhand knots along the floss itself is beneficial in its ability to dislodge food and plaque particles that ordinary floss may not.

J. Patrick Dunbar, D.D.S., Specialist In Orthodontics for Children and Adults

I use Knotty floss during cementation of crowns and bridges to remove excess interproximal cements.  It's also extra effective for implants hygiene and for patients who accumulate calculus rapidly. The knots allow easier gripping and allow removal of food or debri impaction.... All in all, it's great for improving periodontal/gingival health.

James Khoe D.D.S.

I was somewhat skeptical at first thinking how different can tooth floss be? But this is really a unique and different approach to flossing. The pre-cut lengths give the user just enough floss for a cleaning, and the little knots give perspective on the task as well as help lift debris. The product is easy to order from the website and there is very good customer service.

Linda Johanson, R.N., M.S., Ed.D., C.N.S. Associate Professor of Nursing Appalachian State University

Finally a floss that works to clean those annoying food traps! Both my husband and I love knotty floss and our gums feel so much better! We've never seen floss like this before!The knots are the only thing that works to effectively remove the debris easily. Even our dental hygienist noticed the marked improvement. We highly recommend this amazing product to anyone who wants to have healthier teeth and gums!

Laura Jouflas R.D.H.

We think Knotty Floss is a great concept - and the knots definitely do make a difference! I found the floss nice as I could locate/place my 'finger tips' actually onto the knots....felt more 'feminine' to use (if that makes sense??) 
Male family members found it a much easier floss to handle. They felt that the fact the floss does not slip/slide 'round and round' on fingers making it more acceptable for use as more 'controllable'.

Frances Marriott R.D.H. M.R.S.P.H Cert Ed