Do you have any biodegradable dental floss?

Yes, all the Knotty Floss brands bamboo charcoal dental floss is biodegradable. Yes, our bamboo charcoal dental floss is a blend that does include polyester and yes it is STILL biodegradable. No, it is not compostable.

Is Knotty Floss safe with regular daily use?

Yes, daily flossing using proper technique is always safe. Problems arise when flossing is not done daily. Knotty Floss is safe to use daily or even more frequently.

Is there any danger in using Knotty Floss on a sensitive areas between teeth?

Always consult with your dentist if you have pain or sensitivity in your mouth as it may be a sign of an underlying dental problem. However, once a dental malady has been ruled out as the cause of sensitivity there is no danger to using Knotty Floss. In fact, using Knotty Flossin an area of sensitivity can actually resolve the discomfort by more thoroughly removing painful impacted pathogens.

Why do my gums bleed when I floss?

This is one of the most common questions asked in the dental office. There are two main reasons that gums bleed. The first is that they have been cut and the second is that they are sick.

It is possible to cut your gums when flossing with any floss. However, this is not common and is rarely the reason why gums bleed during flossing. Knotty Floss has been designed to help prevent injury to the gums when flossing…see (how it works)

The overwhelming cause of bleeding gums is an active case of gum disease. When dental floss touches diseased and fragile gum tissue, the engorged vessel easily leaks, which is seen as bleeding. Proper flossing does not cause healthy gums to bleed. However, a new flossing routine can reveal diseased gums and bleeding. The bleeding resolves when the gum tissue returns to health after regular flossing.

My gums have always bled!

Not true! While it can certainly feel this way sometimes, your gums were not bleeding the day you were born. Sometime between the day you were born and now, plaque was left on your gums long enough to create inflammation. It may feel like your gums have always bled but it could be that the bleeding started before the age at which you had awareness of your oral health. This inflammation establishes on the gum tissue and begins as gingivitis. The main sign of gingivitis and inflammation is gums that bleed easily. How old were you at the onset of this problem? Were you 5? 6? 13? 20? 50? Gum disease can and often does begin in children. As a matter of fact, it can begin at any age. So while your perception may be that your gums have always bled, the reality is that your gum disease most likely began as a child. There is no time like the present to address it! It is never too late to improve your oral health.

Are there ways to make my gums healthier other than flossing? Such as mouthwash or pills?

Yes. There are prescription strength mouthwashes that effectively kill the bacteria in your mouth. There are two common ways to address disease causing bacteria in your mouth. Using mouthwash fits into the chemical category while flossing would be a mechanical method.

Chemical intervention for gum disease, such as prescription mouthwash, can come with side effects. Some possible side effects include green stain and altered taste buds. Topical and systemic antibiotic therapies are types of chemical intervention as well. These also have  many possible side effects.

Using a toothbrush and Knotty Floss are effective methods of mechanical intervention for gum disease. These methods work by physically disturbing bacteria daily. This breaks up the organization of, and harmful byproducts produced by bacterial colonization. Mechanical daily plague removal with a toothbrush and Knotty Floss is both safe and effective with no harmful side effects. They are also much cheaper and easier than any know chemical therapies!

When I floss my gums hurt and it seems like I am making them worse. Shouldn’t I avoid flossing?

Unfortunately active gum disease does often hurt to address. In addition to the pain you are feeling, gum disease also puts stress on your immune system, heart and other internal systems. Flossing regularly will improve your condition even though initially they may feel worse. In a short period of time with diligent care, including brushing and proper flossing, your gums WILL NOT HURT! If you stay the course, you will be rewarded. You can be sure that not flossing will mean much more pain down the road.

I only floss to get rid of food stuck between my teeth, isn’t that enough?

No! When stuck under the gums, food can irritate gums and cause a sore but it is not the source of gum disease. The microscopic bugs that live and grow in your mouth 24 hours a day, seven days a week, are the enemy. If you are caring for your mouth properly you will never see plaque. It is only when plaque is allowed to accumulate undisturbed that the colonies will grow large and begin to cause harm. Don’t wait until you can see plaque to address the situation. By the time you are able to see plaque, it is too late, gum disease has established itself. Brush and use Knotty Floss daily to neutralize your bacterial colonies. Render the bacteria harmless!

I use an electric toothbrush, doesn’t that clean between my teeth?

Electric toothbrushes can be  excellent tools to effectively clean tooth and gum surfaces. Electric toothbrushes as well as regular toothbrushes cannot clean the spaces between the teeth and the gaps between the roots and gums. They cannot effectively reach plaque and food particles between teeth or under the gum line. Make sure to use the right tool for the right job! You don’t expect a ladder to function as a hammer. Don’t expect a toothbrush, no matter how great, to function as floss!

I go to the dentist every three month so I don’t need to floss every day.

You wish this was true and I don’t blame you! However, if this was true and you REALLY believed it, you wouldn’t bother brushing between cleanings either….but you do. Flossing is an important addition to regular dental visits. Think of it as protecting the investment you make every time you visit the dentist.

I brush and floss every day, why do I still have bleeding gums?

This is a great question and one that helped inspire Knotty Floss. Knotty Floss was designed to solve this common problem. It is possible to brush and floss everyday, see your dental hygienist every 3 months for a professional cleaning and still suffer from active gum disease. If you brush and floss inefficiently everyday you will never effectively remove the plaque and stop the active progressive cycle of your gum disease. So while you may be putting in the work and effort, if you aren’t flossing properly you are in essence just driving in circles!